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Posted by on Aug 26, 2014 in 4 rating, Book reviews, Review by Beth | 2 comments

Book Review: Visions by Kelley Armstrong

Author: Kelley Armstrong
Series: Cainsville, book 2
Publisher: Dutton Adult
ISBN-10: 0525953051
ISBN-13: 978-0525953050
Source: From publisher for review
But it here: Amazon | BookDepository
Kelley Armstrong’s website
Olivia finds a dead body dressed like her in her car. Days later the head of the same body ends up in her bed. Someone is trying to send her a message, but no one knows what. She calls Gabriel, her birth mother’s lawyer, in for help. In a side plot Olivia starts to uncover some of Cainsville’s supernatural secrets and starts a new relationship.
Visions is the second novel in Kelley Armstrong’s Cainsville series. Most of the chapters are in Olivia’s POV with few acceptations where the POV is directed at a side character so the reader gets a clue. I think the shift is handled very well and works for me. While the story gets off to a fantastic start, relationships change and the story slowed down for me.

Olivia finds the body, which is freaky to say the least. She is taking pictures of the omens she sees to show that they are real, only later the objects are no longer in the pictures. Gabriel has grown close to Olivia and becomes very protective in Visions. He isn’t a romantic lead, but he is working his way towards it. Olivia’s relationship with him grows to the point she is ready to take the job he offers, until she discovers the non-deal Gabriel made with her ex.
While things are rocky/and not between Gabriel and Olivia for most of the novel, they weren’t with Ricky. Ricky is the son of a biker gang leader in Chicago. They are also somehow connected to the fae that links with Cainsville. Towards the end of the novel Olivia is shown a vision that uncovers, in part, what that link is. There is no one to give her information on what it means so readers piece it together right along with Olivia. Ricky has no idea about most of what’s going on, but has moved into boyfriend status in the meantime.
This is where things get sketchy for me. Ricky seems really fun and great on the surface, but don’t forget he is in a gang that doesn’t see women as equals. In fact he makes references to this, and kind of apologizes, but doesn’t. This seems to be a fact of life that Olivia accepts and admires, which isn’t okay. I’m a part of a misogynist group, I know they’re like that, and in public I have to act like that, sorry: This is not exact quoting of course, but it’s what I felt I read. My reaction is: Run Olivia! Run far! Yeah, he might be cute and good in bed but plenty of fish in the sea my friend. I said in the first novel this was a little too like a certain T.V. show (the bikers) and I still feel that way.
Despite my skin crawling reaction to some of Ricky’s comments I did like the novel. I like Cainsville and the mystery brewing behind who and what these people are. I enjoy Armstrong’s characters who feel layered and interesting. I usually don’t go for mystery stories, and in the end wasn’t impressed with who and what was terrorizing Olivia, but I won’t go into it least I leave spoilers in my wake. What’s so cool about this series so far is that I don’t have to be taken with the main plot line! There are like three threads going on at all times and so masterfully wrapped together that I get suckered right in.
In short: I will be reading the next Cainsville novel!
My Rating: 4 Rating

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  1. I enjoyed the first book and can’t wait to get my hands on this one. I thought about listening to the audio version, but listening to the sample, I didn’t like the narrator, so reading it is.

  2. I am about 1/2 way through the audio and I am liking it more than I did book 1 🙂