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Posted by on Jul 3, 2014 in Contests, Interviews | 17 comments

Interview and giveaway with D.B. Reynolds

The first time I had the pleasure of having you by Paranormal Haven was with an interview waaay back in February 2010. How have things changed for you since then? (For me, I know how to properly format a post now. That original interview was a freakin’ eyesore!)
You and me both, Steph! It took me two hours to do a simple blog post back then; I struggled mightily with formatting and fonts. But Paranormal Haven and I have both come a long way since 2010. You’re a must-stop for every paranormal author, including all the best sellers, and I’m on book #8, which is pretty amazing. In the larger marketplace, though, the biggest change was e-books. In those four years, e-books have really taken off and my books took off with them.
In the sea of vampire romances that are out there, what makes your series stand out?
I can only answer this based on what I hear from my readers. First, is that my vampires are more in the traditional portrayal of vampires, which means they revel in being vampires along with everything that entails. They love the taste of blood and have no qualms about biting a live human to get it, and they’re very aggressive and prone to violence. And my readers like to see that on the page. Also, my stories take place very much in the real world. As you read the story, you can almost believe there actually might be a vampire living next door, or that you might run into Cyn at the mall. I try to write all of my characters that way, even the supporting ones.

Who are the Vampire Lords and what makes them different from the general population of vampires?
Vampire Lords are far more powerful than the general population. This power is something they’re “reborn” with, that is when a human is turned vampire, he (or she) wakes their first night with their power level already determined. They can learn ways of controlling and using it, but they cannot change how much raw power they’re reborn with. Vampire Lords are ordinary humans who were reborn with more of everything regular vampires have in terms of physical strength, enhanced senses, and telepathy (which is necessary to seduce their human prey) but they also have a power that is unique to them. For example, Duncan is a powerful empath and Lucas can feed strength and courage directly to his fighters, as well as drain the same from his enemies. Raphael, on the other hand, is so much more powerful than even the other Vampire Lords that he’s in a category of his own. But in my vampire universe power carries responsibility, too. A Vampire Lord is magically bound to every vampire in his territory. They quite literally depend on him for their lives and safety, and have the right to call on him for their defense or to right a wrong. And because Vampire Lords are possessive and territorial, if something happens to a vampire in his territory, he is driven to right the wrong or avenge the vampire’s death if it comes to that.
The series starts with Raphael and as it progresses features different Vampire Lords, yet it always comes back to him. Why is that?
As a reader, I like meeting new characters in each successive book, but I also like to know what’s happening with the characters I’ve already met. And so that’s how I wrote my books. There’s an overarching plot to the first eight books in the series that involves a looming threat from the European vampire community. And it’s Raphael who first sees it coming. It was always my plan to have him working behind the scenes to make sure that the North American Lords would work together to defend the continent, but then my readers fell so much in love with Raphael and Cyn that I decided to put a little of them in every book, rather than simply having them work off-stage. That’s also why I started writing the Cyn & Raphael e-novellas.
How would you characterize the heroines in your books? Are they damsels in distress or always out to prove they can hang with the alphas?
I try to make my heroines very feminine, but also very strong and alpha in their own right. They’re happy to be female and don’t feel the need to compete with their alpha male mates, but they do need to prove that they’re strong enough to stand on their own when push comes to shove. They want to be able to rely on their mates, but they also want their mates to be able to rely on them.
What can fans expect to see from you in the second half of 2014?
First up will be the third Cyn & Raphael novella, UNFORGIVEN, which will release on 1 October. A lot of readers have asked what was going on with Raphael’s sister, Alexandra, from the first two books, and this novella will answer that question, as well as set the stage for VINCENT. VINCENT is the 8th book in the series, and the final North American territory, which is Mexico. His story releases on 1 November. That completes the first story arc of the series, with the as-yet-untitled Book 9 starting the new story arc with a brand new, full-length, Cyn and Raphael novel. And for those who wonder, the South (Jabril’s old territory) will get its own, new Vampire Lord in a forthcoming book
Where you can find D.B. online:  Website | Facebook | Twitter 

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Because I love D.B.’s series so much and want to get the word out about her books as much as possible, I’m giving away an e-copy of Raphael and Jabril (Vampires in America, books 1 & 2) to one winner.   These will be purchased and sent via Amazon.   Winner will be announced on July 19th.  Read our giveaway policy before entering.  Good luck!
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