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Posted by on Feb 21, 2013 in 4 rating, Book reviews, Review by Stephanie | 3 comments

Series Review: Warriors of Poseidon by Alyssa Day (Part 1)

In Alyssa Day’s Warriors of Poseidon series, readers are taken on a paranormal adventure with immortal warriors, vampires, shifters, Greek Gods, and strong, fierce heroines. I’ve reached the halfway point in the series and I’ve enjoyed almost everything about it. So far it has followed the Atlanteans as they fight to protect humans from vampires and find a way to bring Atlantis back to the surface after being magically hidden beneath the ocean for thousands of years. Along the way they find these incredible women that are important to their mission and of course, become their mates.

 photo WarriorsofPoseidon1_zpsdf03ba4b.jpg   photo WarriorsofPoseidon2_zpsb91446f9.jpg

In Atlantis Rising, Conlan, Prince of Atlantis, is released after seven excruciating years as a prisoner of Anubisa, the Goddess of Chaos and Night. After his release he finds Riley, an empath and social worker, while hunting traitors and the two are quickly connected by a force that neither understands. Conlan is in need of some major heeling all the torture and Riley is the one he wants, even though he’s technically engaged to a maiden he’s never met. Their relationship moves quickly but that works for them. The love between them felt genuine and smokin’ hot and it opens the door for his men to find the same bliss.

Conlan’s brother Vengeance is next up in Atlantis Awakening and his lucky mate to be is Erin, a witch out for revenge against the vampires who killed her family. Ven is tasked with finding a very powerful gem. His mission intertwines with Erin’s and he has no plans to let the beautiful little witch escape him, especially when they’re led to a once deplorable Caesar turned vicious vampire leader. I love Ven. His sarcastic sense of humor is just my style and his alpha-ness had me all hot and bothered. Erin is also great and packaged quite a punch that made her my favorite heroine so far. There’s a twist I didn’t see coming at the end and it leads into the next book which is…

 photo WarriorsofPoseidon3_zps91b0ddb0.jpg   photo WarriorsofPoseidon4_zps9b766f6b.jpg

Atlantis Unleashed, Lord Justice’s book. After being held prisoner by Anubisa for a few months, he barely escapes with his sanity. His dueling ancestry is wreaking havoc on his mind and Dr. Keely McDermott is the only one capable of helping it heal. Justice’s secret that’s revealed has caused him so much personal turmoil and for it to be out there and his friends and fellow warriors to react as supportive as they did was one of the highlights so far for me. They’re sarcastic and rude to each other but when it counts they band together and are brothers and I LOVE that! Justice and Keely were another emotional pairing that felt right from the beginning and heated up the pages.

I liked Atlantis Unmasked but it’s my least favorite of the four. Alexios is another Atlantean captured and tortured by Anubisa but with him she used hellfire to scar half his face. He’s ashamed of the darkness Anubisa brought out in him and it has him holding back his feelings for Grace, a member of the rebel fighters that the Atlanteans work with to battle vampires and shifters that have sided with them while finding the remaining gems needed in order for Atlantis to rise. Grace isn’t without her own pain and the two use their issues as a reason to stay away from one another. The other couplings were a lot smoother and played really well into the plot but I can’t say the same for Grace and Alexios. The chemistry wasn’t the same and I really missed that unshakable bond between the two lead characters.

I have enjoyed exploring the world Alyssa Day created. One where vampires are in congress, shifters are in charge of the main stream media, gods and goddess have secret plans, and warriors defy tradition, their laws, and risk death to be with the women they love. There’s a lot I didn’t cover in this post because I think it’s a series that needs to be experienced to get the full effect and a must for paranormal romance fans.
My Rating: 4 Rating

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  1. I’ve enjoyed this series and am ready to try her new one coming out.

  2. I didn’t know she had a new series coming. Something I’ll need to add to my list once I’m done with this series. Thanks for the heads up :-)

  3. I absolutely love this series. Don’t forget to read the short stories as well :)