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Posted by on Jan 31, 2013 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

Places I’d like to visit…The Isle of Mid featured in Lisa Shearin’s Raine Benares series

I don’t know how many times I’ve read a book and thought, “that’s a place I’d visit”. Mostly so I can meet the sexy alpha heroes, but sometime it does sound like an interesting place. So I thought I’d pick some of my favorite fictional spots that I wish I could visit and share them with you.

For this installment, we’re handing the tour guide duties over to Ronnie….

When Stephanie asked if I’d like to do a “Places You’d Like to Visit” post, I immediately said yes. I had a few ideas immediately shoot to mind. One of the places I had foremost in my head was the Isle of Mid featured in Lisa Shearin’s fabulous Raine Benares series.

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The Place: Isle of Mid

Where it’s Located: An island, sandwiched between the Drigonian Mountain Range and the Kingdom of Brenrir

You’ll Find it in the Pages of: Lisa Shearin’s Raine Benares series

Why I’d Want to Visit: The Isle of Mid is home to a very prestigious college for sorcery, as well as the Conclave, which is the governing body for all magic users in the 7 kingdoms. Yeah, being on island with magical users may not be your typical way to spend a little relaxation time, but at least I’d never be bored. Plus, there is the added bonus of spotting Mychael Eiliesor, Commander and Paladin of the Conclave Guardians. Who can resist a hot elf?

Why it’s probably a good idea the place doesn’t exist: Mages on a power trip, goblins plotting to overthrow their King and usurp as much power as possible are among the top reasons why I’m glad the Isle of Mid doesn’t exist. Not to mention the powerful Spellcasters that can make you do god knows what with just the sound of their voice.

Why I’d still risk going: Well, visiting a school that teaches sorcery has always appealed to me. Plus, if there’s trouble, the Benares family has a pirate or two in their family line that could always help me out. For a price. Hot pirates, elves, and goblins, how does a girl say no to that?

 photo 1-2_zpsb794d06f.jpg    photo 2-1_zpseab91276.jpg    photo 3-1_zps40d175f2.jpg

 photo 4_zps1b1224bb.jpg    photo 5_zps832df0b7.jpg    photo 6_zps3c39dca8.jpg

For more about mages, The Isle of Mid, and Raine Benares, visit Lisa Shearin’s website.

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  1. *snort* Commenting on my own post. Sorry for the dorkiness, but this series is one of my favorites. It just ended in mid 2012.. but the characters, settings, and dialogue are pretty top notch. I remember the 3rd book being blurbed by Ilona Andrews and that’s what got me to pick it up in the first place. I’ll admit the covers are a little too cutesy for my taste.. but in a way, they do match the books. Bright, lively, and fun.