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Posted by on Jan 18, 2013 in 4.5 rating, Book reviews, Review by Stephanie | 5 comments

Early Review: Haunted Sanctuary by Moira Rogers

Haunted Sanctuary
Author: Moira Rogers
Series: Green Pines, book 1
Release Date: January 22, 2013
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Source: From author for review
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Reviewed by:  Stephanie

Eden’s cousin Zack is like a big brother to her. His departure from their small town hurt but with an abusive father and a shape shifting secret, Eden understood. Years later, Zack returns hoping to find safety for his beaten down pack from violent alphas. When his abusers follow him home, Eden is bitten and it’s up to the town’s sheriff to help her through the change. Although he’s forced to keep his shifter identity a secret, Jay is happy with his life. He’s had his eye on Eden for a long time but has held back. Now that she needs his help not only learning to control her wolf but to take care of her cousin’s pack, Jay will let nothing stand in his way of being at Eden’s side.

If I made a list of qualities my idea heroine must have, Eden would check almost everyone one of them off. Eden takes things as they come and knows when to ask for help. She has her moments of self-doubt like most do but she doesn’t beat herself up or give up when something is too difficult. Not to mention she welcomes Zack, even with her turning, and opens her life and heart to his pack. I usually have something to complain about when it comes to heroines but I’ve got nothing this time. Love, love Eden.

Like Eden, Jay is wonderful. An alpha who claims no pack, Jay easily slides into being a leader and guide for Eden. They shared a mutual secret attraction in the past but now everything is out in the open and Jay does right by her. Holding back the urge to claim her, Jay ushers Eden into her new life and shows her what it’s like to be a wolf. Plus he’s great at helping the abused shifters feel safe and gets them the revenge they deserve. I’ll admit that the cop uniform and way he introduces Eden to the wickedly hot carnal pleasures that come with being a shifter worked in his favor.

Zack and what’s left of his pack have scars from their terrible treatment by the big city alphas. Coming back to his family’s farm, he hopes to stay strong enough to help his people settle in and find security. Jay left to get away from his abusive father but only found scarier monsters. My heart broke for Zack and everything he has gone through. I’m not sure if his book is next but I hope it is because he really deserves an HEA.

Green Pines has a very similar vibe to the Red Rock Pass series that I was happy to find. Eden and Jay are setting up a sanctuary that werewolves can go with no fear of mistreatment from power hungry shifters. Even though Eden is a new wolf, she’s strong and more than capable of leading at Jay’s side. The pair may be nervous about the huge undertaking of making a sanctuary but they fall into their roles perfectly. Emotions run high in this series debut and with some action and a bit of turmoil, it’s a must for paranormal romance lovers looking for an excellent read.
My Rating: 4.5 Rating

About Stephanie G

Stephanie is a Paranormal Haven co-creator & reviewer. She loves coffee, Supernatural, & most importantly, paranormal romance & urban fantasy books. Connect with her on: Facebook - Twitter - Goodreads


  1. Excellent review Steph :) The Red Rock Sanctuary books are probably the only one of Moira Rogers that I haven’t read.. Is it easy enough to follow along if you haven’t? I mostly have a mad love for all her heroines. They write some wonderful females in their books and it’s one of the high points for me when reading their books.

  2. Ronnie – You could definitely read this one without reading the Red Rock Pass books. There are a couple similar characters in it but it’s easily explained and I don’t think you’ll feel lost at all.

    Stephanie G

  3. O what a great review! You make me want to read this asap! Question though, what about the hotness factor?How high would you rate this?

  4. Aurian – It’s pretty hot but it doesn’t come close to erotica.

    Stephanie G

  5. Loved the review! Definitely adding this to my TBR! The heroine sounds like a wonderful one. I have read a few by Moira Rogers and thoroughly enjoyed them. :)
    Thanks for sharing.