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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in 5 rating, Book reviews, Review by Diane |

Book Review: Nauti Temptress by Lora Leigh

Nauti Temptress
Author: Lora Leigh
Series: Nauti Girls, book 1
Publisher: Berkley Trade
ISBN-10: 0425245640
ISBN-13: 978-0425245644
Source: From publisher for review
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Reviewed by: Diane

The day Dawg Mackay’s four young sisters and their young mother whom he’d never heard suddenly are brought to him for help, he and his cousins, Natches and Rowdy, could not resist. They always took care of their family.

When his eldest sister, Eve, now twenty-four falls for Brogan Campbell, Dawg makes her promise not to get involved with him, because he was a traitor and a thief. Eve knew this wasn’t true and so does Dawg, but he doesn’t want Brogan to hurt her.

Of course, she breaks her promise and falls deeply in love with Brogan, who is actually an agent with the DHS in town searching for documents that would lead them to not only the gold that Dawg’s father had stolen from Fort Knox, but also the three other agents that had helped him. Brogan knew where the gold was hidden, but was also there to locate the Homeland Militias hiding in the Kentucky mountains for whom the gold was stolen to help them mount a homegrown terrorist war on the United States.

Brogan’s younger sister Samantha was severely injured by one of the agents working with Dawg’s father and he had kidnapped Eve in order to get the gold for the Militias.

Would Brogan and the cousins get to the boat where they are holding her, to save her and get to the former agents before they could do more harm in the town they loved and to the families they loved even more?

Lori Leigh has written a great erotic book in ‘Nauti Temptress’. It is a good read and very difficult to put down. All of her characters both Primary and Secondary contribute brilliantly to keep the story moving along and keeping it very suspenseful. It’s very hard to know who the bad guys really are. She did a great job.

This book captivates its reader, is an easy read, and one that the reader will not want to put down until finished. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys an erotic read with a, will she or won’t he realize what is right in front of them, and Brogan and Eve are madly in love and belong together.
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