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Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in 5 rating, Book reviews, Review by Diane | 1 comment

Book Review: Ice Cold by Cherry Adair

Ice Cold
Author: Cherry Adair
Series: T-Flac, book 17
Publisher: Adair
ISBN-10: 1937774120
ISBN-13: 978-1937774127
Source: From NetGalley
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Reviewed by: Diane

T-FLAC Operatives, beautiful insanely rich, Honey Winston (Ice Princess) and ruggedly handsome Rafael Navarro (the Spanish Stallion) are paired together on an assignment. Bombs obliterate several European banks leaving holes in the ground where the banks were and the locked vaults intact.

Honey Winston is a Cybertech computer specialist. When someone kills her boss, Honey is best in the world. The night he is to pick Navarro up at the airport someone pretending to be Honey kills him. This leaves Honey to go on the assignment with Navarro. He is the Bomb Whisperer, because of his ability to find and disarm bombs, which no one else can do.

While on assignment, an ex-operative known as Black Rose, betrays them and tries to set up Honey, whom she had trained. Catherine turns rogue and is arrested years before and imprisoned, but miraculously escapes.

This book captivates its reader, is an easy read, and one that the reader will not want to put down until finished. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a great spy story, with a will they capture the terrorist before they can destroy T-FLAC HQ and Honey’s home/compound which houses a backup to the backup of all of T-FLAC operatives data from all over the world. If the Black Rose terrorist group is successful in breaking the code to Honey’s backup system, every T-FLAC operative will be in danger.

Ms. Cherry Adair has written a wonderfully intriguing suspense filled spy novel that is a must read, can’t put down book. She knows her characters well and uses all of them from Honey and Rafael to all the other operatives. They all contributed to the story line and helped carry it along.
My Rating:

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1 Comment

  1. Great review, thank you! I really want to read this book, as I loved the earlier books, but it is not for sale in Europe yet! Grrr stupid publishers.