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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in 2.5 rating, Book reviews, Review by Beth | 3 comments

Book Review: Guardians of Stone by Anita Clenney

Guardians of Stone
Author: Anita Clenney
Series: The Relic Seekers, book 1
Publisher: Montlake Romance
ISBN-10: 1612186548
ISBN-13: 978-1612186542
Source: From author for review
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Reviewed by: Beth

Kendall is a relic hunter. She gets flashes of memory or feelings when she touches objects, and sometimes people. She works for a reclusive sexy millionaire, Nathan. She is called away from a date by Nathan and sent with another man that works for him, Jake, to find a box. They travel to Italy to find the box, but find that other people are after the same thing. It turns into an action adventure that has them wondering what Nathan is hiding.

When starting this book the first thing that caught my attention was how it jumped from place to place, and the lack of information the reader gets from the characters. There is a ton of stuff, but the unfolding can get awkward in places. The book starts out with Kendall leaving a date, which might have gotten steamy, to go to her boss’s house. Why she even picked up the phone right away is a mystery to me. Then it picks up with Jake who is told by Nathan to watch Kendall, that their mission might be dangerous.

Jake and Nathan both hint constantly in their perspectives about secrets in their past, but they give you nothing. There isn’t much originality when it comes to characters you have the classic description of Bruce Wayne (Nathan) and Bad Boy (Jake). There is a love triangle between both men and Kendall.

The lack of detail also threw me. Sometimes less is more, but that’s not the case here. They go to Italy, and when I read a book set in Italy, I want to feel like I am there.

Later on in the novel characters become likeable. Kendall has a past that she doesn’t tell anyone until midway through the book. It jumps to Kendall, Jake and occasionally Nathan’s perspective, as well as one other person. Jake also has a past that isn’t revealed until halfway through the book, not even in his perspective. Nathan’s mysterious past is only ever heavily hinted on, and it’s not that big of a secret, even though he never tells anyone, also not in his perspective.

I seem, and sound frustrated, which is true with the book for the most part, but it does have a fast pace. It also has a ton of action. It doesn’t slow down, making for a quick read.

My biggest problem and something I couldn’t get past was a side character. Jake and Kendall stay at a place that has lots of tourists. One of them, Loretta, is described as having a southern accent, huge strawberry blonde hair, overweight and a large flowery print dress. Then she said she was from Georgia(the state), which happens to be where I am from. She is a very minor character, but I started to wonder, and still do, if this is a stereotype? If that is the stereotype, I have a bone to pick with who made it, but most of all it wasn’t funny. It seems like a minor thing to complain about, but I still can’t swallow it down.

The side character aside, the novel has upsides and downsides. The upside is the action, and the pacing. The downside is the lack of detail. It borders on supernatural thriller, which isn’t always my cup of tea. I will be interested in seeing what others thought of this one.
My rating:

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Elizabeth is a constant reader from down south. If she doesn’t have a book open she can often be found behind the computer or with a gaming console. She is an eccentric bookworm who enjoys all types of genres: Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance, and Horror.


  1. I kind of felt the same way. I really enjoyed Awaken the Highland Warrior but this one just fell flat for me. I enjoyed parts of the book and found myself a little bored through others. And I did notice the southern stereotype too and I’m from NY. LoL So you weren’t alone.

    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

  2. I am glad I’m not alone. I had a, ‘did I just read that right?’ moment where I had to go back. I have been peeking around at a lot of other reviews for this one.

    Beth ^_^

  3. This sure is disappointing, as I like the blurb so much. Deleting it from my wishlist.