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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in 4 rating, Book reviews, Review by Athenna | 3 comments

Book Review: Angel in Chains by Cynthia Eden

Angel in Chains
Author: Cynthia Eden
Series: The Fallen, book 3
Publisher: Brava
ISBN-10: 0758267630
ISBN-13: 978-0758267634
Source: From publisher for review
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Reviewed by: Athenna

Azrael was the head Death Angel and was a buy the book kind of Angel till he no longer could follow those rules, and fell.

Az refused to give in to temptation even after his fall. He could never understand how his brother Sam could be happy here with all these emotions and temptation surrounding them. Determined to redeem himself and earn his wings back, Az was determined to resit temptation and find a way home. But sometimes things change…..

Az never thought he could understand the connection his brother Sam has with his mate and the utter rage he felt when he almost lost her. Well when Jade fell into his life he understood all to well, and felt shame for even thinking to ask Sam to walk away from his mate. Az’s feelings for Jade were overwhelming so much so he couldn’t put words to those feeling but he did know he will risk it all to keep her safe, not even his fellow death Angels will be taking her from him.

Jade has been running from Brandt for a long time. She learned long ago to not get attache,d but when she was saved buy a real life fallen Angel she may find her self in danger of falling herself. But if she keeps drawing him in she just may in danger him.

This book was very engaging. I was sucked in from the first page. I have been waiting for Az to get his own book. He was pretty much a jerk in the first book but the more you seen of him the more you knew that there was more to him. I loved him right away, he was rough and stubborn but ooh so hot.

There was plenty of melt off the pages of hot steamy Angel sex. The connection between them is magnetic it makes for hard intense sex. Jade is also a very strong character she’s not whinny and stupid like most heroines. I liked her.

I’m not always extremely happy with Angel stories they are kinda a hit or miss series for me, but Cynthia Eden has made this one a definite hit for me. The stories are strong and addictive, the characters are hot and sexy there is nothing not to love about them. I’m sure the next book will be Bastiens book, but I’m not sure the female he has sights on will be the one for him. I’m very excited to find out though.
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  1. Any of Cynthia’s books are always a pleasure to read!

  2. Great review, thank you. This is another series still on my wishlist.

  3. I am not usually a fan of angel novels either. I will have to give this one a try and see if it is a winner for me too. Thanks for your review.