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Posted by on Jun 12, 2012 in Contests, Guest Post | 27 comments

Guest post and giveaway from author Laura Kaye

There’s something totally magical about a first kiss. They make your head spin, your lips ache in anticipation, your heart race. There’s that tentative first, soft meeting of lips, the gentle embrace of hands and arms. The thrill of bodies pressing together in an utterly new way. You breathe the other person in, associate touch and smell and taste in a way completely unique to that one person. And then that softer press of lips shifts into open mouths and exploring tongues and you feel that wet sliding, pulling, sucking down to your very toes.

I remember that first kiss thrill.

My first kiss was with a boy named Larry in a supply room in my middle school. LOL But the first one I remember actually making my toes curl was with a boy named Brad up against a tree in my back yard when I was 16. I’d been crushing on this guy for, like, forever, and he barely noticed me beyond friendly hellos. Or so I thought. We lived down the street from one another, and one night I was walking into our small two-stoplight town as he was walking up the alley that ran behind our houses. We got to talking, he told me he thought I was pretty, then The. Kiss. I remember needing that tree to stay upright, the whole world was just whirling around me. I remember the euphoria, the disbelief, my heart jackrabbiting in my chest. Nothing ever happened between us after that, but you can bet that kiss did nothing but amp up my crush. LOL

In my new dark paranormal romance release, Seduced by the Vampire King, book 2 in my Vampire Warrior Kings series, the first kiss between my vampire warrior king and the woman who saved his life hours before shares a similar intensity. Scene setup is Nikolai’s warriors have imprisoned Katherine until they find out exactly what happened before they found her saving their king’s life. Katherine was hurt when they subdued her and Nikolai has come into her dungeon cell to take care of her. But before too long, he feels too tempted to stay:

Nikolai couldn’t let himself be seduced by an impossible idea. He sprung to his feet and made for the door, still open from his earlier rushed entry. “I have to go.”

“Why?” Katherine followed after him, the alluring beat of her heart and intoxicating femininity revealing her place within the room.

He couldn’t stop, couldn’t reply, couldn’t look at her. If he did, there’d be no going back.

He grasped the edge of the door.

Small hands fisted in the back of his shirt. “Wait. Why are you leaving? I mean, did I—”

He halted, heart slamming against his sternum, fangs stretched out and aching. “Release me,” he rasped.

She heaved a shaky breath he felt against his arm. “I…can’t.”

“Release. Me,” he said louder. Competing emotions warred within him until he thought he might split apart.


It was his name rolling off her tongue that did it.

He whirled and buried his hands in her hair. He pulled her to him, causing them both to stumble, and he backed her into the ancient bars of the door. It clicked shut, sealing them in and cutting off the last of his restraint.

Tilting her head back, Nikolai devoured her mouth. His lips sucked, his tongue explored, his fangs rubbed against her moist flesh. Oh, God, she was so sweet and warm and wet. He stepped into her, forcing their bodies together from chest to thighs. And, dammit, she was soft everywhere he was hard.

Her hands curled around his neck and climbed into his hair, fingers tangling and tugging. She pulled him in tighter and surrendered to the kiss. She met him stroke for stroke, their tongues curling and twining together.

And Nikolai no longer knew who was surrendering to whom.

So, think that kiss would make your toes curl? *grin* Share a story about a killer first kiss and be entered to win my GIVEAWAY, an ecopy of Seduced by the Vampire King!

Thanks for reading,

About Seduced by the Vampire King:
Book 2: Vampire Warrior Kings Series

American exchange student Kate Bordessa has fled to Russia to escape her family’s hopes that she’ll become one of the Proffered, human women who feed and mate with elite vampire warriors. But when she stumbles upon a wounded vampire in the streets of Moscow, she’s instinctively driven to protect him–and feels an undeniable spark of desire.

Grieving over the deaths of his brothers, Vampire Warrior King Nikolai Vasilyev has thrown himself into battling his enemies, focused only on vengeance. Until the attack that brought him to Kate. Their sexual attraction explodes into a night of uncontrolled passion–a night that marks them as mates. Is their connection strong enough to convince them to embrace a destiny neither of them was expecting?

About Laura Kaye:

Voted Breakout Author of the Year in the 2011 GraveTells Readers’ Choice Awards, Laura is the bestselling and award-winning author of over a half-dozen books in paranormal, contemporary and erotic romance. Hearts in Darkness is the EPIC eBook Award Winner for Best Novella and HOLT Medallion Award of Merit Winner for Best Romance Novella, Forever Freed is the NJRW Golden Leaf Winner for Best Paranormal of 2011 and is a finalist for two GDRWA Booksellers’ Best Awards, and North of Need, the first book in the Hearts of the Anemoi series, is a finalist for a FF&P PRISM award, was named GraveTells’ Best Book of 2011 and won their 5-STAR Gold Heart Award, and won Sizzling Hot Read of the Year at Sizzling Hot Books. Laura lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.

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About Stephanie G

Stephanie is a Paranormal Haven co-creator & reviewer. She loves coffee, Supernatural & most importantly, paranormal romance & urban fantasy books. Connect with her on: Facebook - Twitter - Goodreads


  1. ***Clears throat***

    Ok, so, the first kiss that I remember that really shook me emotionally and physically was with this tall, dark and handsome man, who was quiet and shy (I’m sooo the opposite!), but took my breath away when our lips touched. It was the beginning of a love affair that continues today! 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to reading your Vampire series, Laura, and would love to win this book! Thank you for the insight and giveaway, guys!

  2. The first killer kiss that I remember took place the summer between 8th&9th grade…a neighbor boy I had a big crush on finally made his move and kissed me and what a kiss it was – he was older and it was my first “French Kiss”.

    Seduced by the Vampire King sounds like a fun book to read. Thanks for the giveaway!

    junegirl63 at gmail dot com

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I was stationed at Ft. Gordon, Ga. for training. EJ was an instructor there. We ran into each other one evening at the Tasty-freeze. We started walking and talking until after lights out. We sat in the grass behind my barracks and kissed. He wasn’t my first, but definitely best. Afterwards, he distracted the CQ so that I could sneak into my room without getting in trouble. He gave me five years of great kisses and two beautiful kids. Even though it didn’t last, I still have a soft spot in my heart for him.

  5. My first killer kiss happened when I was 15 and on vacation visiting a cousin in Wyoming. We were there for a week and he was the neighbor boy. It was my first “real” kiss. Sadly I never seen him again “sigh”.


  6. Oh my gosh, a supply closet Laura? And you’ve gone on to write such creative kiss scenes. LOL. My first kiss was at teen night by the community pool. He told me he loved me afterwards and I ran away from him. LOL! Great post. 🙂

  7. I can’t remember my first kiss, so it must not have been very good, lol. I guess my first great, toe curling kiss was from one of my friends. We had always been just friends but I had secretly had a crush on him. I guess it was mutual cause I ended up sharing many kisses with him. It never really went anywhere because I guess we just knew each other too well, LOL.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  8. There’s only one that I can think of. It was with someone that I went to high school with and caught up with about seven years later. I was single and wanting to date, just recently out of a relationship. He was separated from his wife and in the midst of a divorce. I had given him a lift home, and he had asked me to come inside with him because his brother was having a party. Turns out party was over, and it was just us. Had a drink and felt awkward, so went to say goodbye. He asked me not to go, but I knew no good would come out of me staying. We were both at two different life stages: I was looking for something serious, and he wasn’t! I didn’t want my heart broken, so I left. But not before we had a sizzling clinch. It was very hard to walk away, but I knew it was for the best!

  9. @Phyllis – continues today, hmm? Awesome!

    @Maria – yes that is the age where it’s truly impressionable, isn’t it?

    @Sandra – that’s very sweet. Thanks for sharing that story!

    @Susan – Oh, man, I have a boy like that in my past! 🙂 Always wonder what happened to him!

    @Joya – LOL that’s too funny!

    @June – fun story!

    @Darlene – that sounds right out of a novel! Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for all the great stories, guys! Really appreciate you sharing!

  10. My first kiss was a let down, I remember thinking “that’s it, no sizzle?” So after kissing a few more frogs I had a first kiss that left me breathless and with a feeling of…Wow.
    We went out on a date to dinner and a movie. Then went for a walk through the park that was by his parents house (we were in high school). The moon was out, crisp autum air. I wanted to kiss him so bad, but he was just as nervous as I. So I grabbed the front of his coat and pulled him in for a kiss. Wow. And then years later I married him =)

  11. Lexi – that’s an awesome story! 😀

  12. My first kiss wasn’t really killer, and it was just plain awkward. But lots of practice did make perfect and sexy! We had great kissing chemistry after all that practice.

  13. I haven’t had that first killer kiss. I have had kisses but they were nothing real special. I would love to read this book. I love vampires.

  14. @Amy – well, that works too! 😀

    @Tore – That just means you have your first killer kiss to look forward to! 🙂 Thanks!

  15. The night I first met my now husband, on a dance floor in the middle of nowhere; I was at a local bar with my brother and his fiance, two uncle and a family friend when this guy asked me to dance. We eneded up practically dancing all evening long and when the bar was closing he asked for my phone number and gave my THIS kiss!!! Oh Yeah!

  16. @Diane – ooh, that sounds like a good night! 🙂

  17. I haven’t really had a killer kiss before. Still waiting for my mean my special guy to give it to me.

  18. I was walking to my suv, slighting intoxicated by the few glasses of red wine we’d shared. He came up from behind me, thrusting my back against the door of my truck, his body pressing into mine—I could feel the tightness of his muscles and the movement of his heavy breathing. My stomach clenched with anticipation as I met his hungry gaze, then an instant later, his lips were on mine, much softer than I’d expected. He pulled away shaking his head, seemingly frustrated, then growl, “No, I can do better than that!” This time his mouth devoured me and he proved that he certainly could “do better than that.”

  19. @Jennifer – yes!

    @Ashley – I didn’t want your story to stop! Rawr! 😉

  20. @Ashley-Daaaayuum!

    Very cute first kisses stories, Laura! My first killer kiss was a few days after high school senior prom, which was our first date. We were talking outside by the side of my house. He kept getting closer and closer, then suddenly I found myself up against the wall. The kissing was sweet & tender at first, then it got hot & heavy!

  21. When I met my to-be husband (this summer!) for the first time , he brought me to a crappy little pub on new year day, and we spent the night to talk and know each other but when he brought me back home I didn’t kiss him goodnight: I was so struck by his handsomeness, he was so cute, he got the bluest eyes I ever seen and a devilish smile but I didn’t want to kiss him that night. So the next day we wanted to see each other again so he brought me to his house and the first thing he said was: you didn’t kiss me last night! I was so shy but couldn’t stop myself and jump on him and kiss him without restraining myself! It was the best kiss I ever had and ever give 😛

  22. The first kiss my husband and I ever shared was magic .I was only 15 at the time and he was so shy I thought he was adorable he kissed me and I swear almost knocked my socks off.

  23. I’m not sure it’s a killer first kiss, but I had my first kiss after a date with my now husband. We had gone out for dinner, and I can’t remember where, and then bowling. After coming home, he walked me to the front door and leaned in for a kiss. I’d never been kissed before, so I didn’t know I had to turn my head a little, so we bumped noses. After the quickie kiss, we tried again, he put his hands on my waist, and I wrapped my arms around
    his neck, our lips met, my eyes closed and I sighed. But there was NO tongue. He said that was gross. He still says it to this day.. lol
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  24. Congrats on your new release! What an excerpt! Now THAT’s a kiss! My first kiss was not the best, so I will tell you about my first toe-curling kiss. 🙂
    I was in high school and had a crush on my aunt’s boyfriend’s younger brother (I know, sounds weird) who was only 3 years older than me. I liked him from the moment I set eyes on him 2 years prior to the kiss, but he told me that I was too young. When I was visiting my aunt (who is more like a big sister-only 5 years older than me), she re-introduced me to him. All I could think was that he was so HOT. It was summer, so he walked around with no shirt on. We hung out all afternoon and into the evening. We went for a walk and were talking, when the next thing I know, I was pressed between him and a wall. He put his hands on the side of my face and gave me the sweetest kiss ever. I’ll never forget that one. 😉
    Thank you for sharing, Laura! I cannot wait to read this one.
    trb0917 at

  25. @Grace – right? Ashley’s was hawt! I loved your story too! There’s just something about a wall… 😉

    @Prosperine – that’s a cute story!

    @wanda – another totally cute story! Thanks for sharing you guys!

    @Julianne – LOL I loved that you bumped noses, such a true moment! 🙂

    @Tina – there’s that wall again! And the older boy in summer! All ingredients of a great first kiss!

    I’m really enjoy reading all your comments, guys! Thanks!

  26. Thanks Laura and Grace. The story I told wasn’t my official first kiss ever—it was my first kiss with my husband 😀 (just in case he reads this ;-)) LOL

  27. My first kiss was with the coolest guy in junior high and it lasted all but a couple of months when he kissed my best friend on the bus.