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Posted by on May 12, 2012 in Contests | 47 comments

Feature and Giveaway: His Dark Bond and Savage Bond by Anne Marsh

His Dark Bond (Fallen, book 2) by Anne Marsh

He Hungers For Her Body. . .

Zer is no angel–well, not anymore. He’s explored every flavor of sin imaginable, drinking in the pleasures of humanity. But now he must find the woman who carries his salvation in her very blood. . .a woman like Nessa St. James.

And Her Soul. . . Nessa has considered the bargain the Fallen offer. Anything she wants in exchange for accepting Zer’s bond? No way. Not her. Not when she finds out about the mind-blowing ritual involved, and the marks of surrender that will ink her skin. But with a serial killer to stop and centuries of experience on his side, this is one job Zer’s going to nail.

Savage Bond (Fallen, book 3) by Anne Marsh

As a former Dominion warrior and Fallen angel, Vkhin knows how to fight. How to track his prey. And when to deal out death with brutal efficiency. Redemption isn’t part of his plans—until he finds himself chasing Fallyn Lee through a wasteland. Now, he’s hunting for the woman who could restore both his lost wings—and his soul.

Ria Morgan was just doing her job, shooting recon photos of a secret Fallen prison. When her chopper goes down, however, she figures her days are numbered. Until the dark angel hunting her offers her a temptingly seductive deal: bond with him and he’ll keep her safe. Safety’s tempting—but Vkhin is even more so. Now, Rhea must choose between long-held loyalties and the wickedly sensual pleasure of Vkhin’s touch.

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Anne is giving away a copy of His Dark Bond and Savage Bond to one winner in either paperback or e-format.  This giveaway is open internationally and will end on May 15th. 

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  1. I love angel/fallen angel books! 🙂

  2. I love angel/fallen angel books. I love to see what they will do to get back in the good graces of the higher ups.


  3. Why do you like angel/fallen angel books?
    Because the sound amazing!
    Plus: i LOVE angels and fallen angels 😉
    Thanks for the giveaway and making it international!

  4. They make great good vs evil stories.

  5. I think angel/fallen angel books are a nice change from all of the other paranormal creatures we see.

  6. Because fallen angels is the epitome of bad boys and I am a sucker for bad boys! 🙂

    Cherry Mischievous

  7. Because they’re a cross between good and evil, plus they make great characters!

  8. The cover rocks…yummy in a angelic way:)…very nice!

  9. I like them because the good verses evil element is there. And I like them because they usually show humanity is worth saving.

  10. I like them because it is the characters are the good VS evil, and how they are forever in trouble with the higher ups.

  11. What’s not to like angels/fallen…….good guys with a bad boy side love em.

  12. Because they are a little dangerous but not unredeemable I like that they have an edge.They make for fantsatic reading.

  13. I love reading angel and fallen angel books. I find them fascinating and I think angels are beautiful. I like the good versus evil.

  14. Whether it’s an angel that has to deal with love when he isn’t or a fallenn angel who is “bad” and the woman saves him, they both are great to read!


  15. Basically, i love a good book, no matter what the genre. But for angel/fallen angel? Well, they usually had a bad boy who tries to redeem himself so he can return to heaven but in the end let it all go just to be with his mate (aaww..)

  16. To see how far they will go as fallen angels and who it will take to save them!

  17. I love this series because of the new take on The Fallen and the way they get a chance to regain their wings! Thanks for the great contest!

  18. I love them because they are so gorgeous, and especially the fallen angels because they are such bad boys trying to redeem themselves! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  19. I like the element of the forbidden. lisagk(at)yahoo(dot)com

  20. I enjoy the action and moral dilemma with the fight against good and evil, right and wrong, love and immortality. Thank you for sharing today, I think these books sound awesome and would love to read them.

  21. I do love a fallen angel story. They are so full of self loathing and tortured souls 😉 and the thought of being wrapped in their wings….sigh…

  22. I like fallen angel books because the heroes remind me of tortured heroes that good girls want to change.

  23. It’s the tortured hero aspect.

  24. I love angel/fallen books because firstly who in their right mind would turn down a hot hero with wings? And secondly, their struggle for redemption just tugs at your heart strings. I just finished the first book and it really is unlike any other angel/fallen book I’ve read so far.

    Thanks for the chance to win, especially a PB version.


  25. It’s the mythology of Angels in general that intrigues. I love the idea of a redeemed fallen Angel.

  26. I would love to win those books in paperback, just look at those gorgeous covers!
    Yes, I love (fallen) angels in my books, my favourites are by JR Ward and Annette Blair.

  27. Yes because that make them more “human”

    thanks you for the giveaway international

  28. I am tired of vampires. But angels/fallen angels besides being a novelty are exciting: they have the whole battle between evil and good going on that is much more crucial and exciting than with any other supernatural species.

    And these covers are dreamy and droolworthy 😉 Thank you!

  29. I have always had a weakness for the Angel/fallen Angel characters. I love the good man vs bad man and back to good again when redeeming themselves. But basically it’s the bad boy image wearing a pair of wings.Would love to win these books in print.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  30. I read the first book in the series and enjoyed it very much. I’d love to actually own copies of the books in this series, but with my limited budget entering contests like this has better odds then the lottery. LOL I hope I get lucky and win me some great books.

  31. I love angel/fallen angel stories because I love anything except Stephen King/Dennis Wheatley type Horror 😀

    felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

  32. Love a sexy fallen angel story, all about redemption and love, my favorites.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  33. Thanks for this great giveaway it will be a pleasure for me to read any of these books 🙂

  34. I like them because they have the whole sexy bad guy trying to be good again vibe.

  35. Love fallen angel books. I love angels anyway, but fallen are just a little better. They are good, with lots of bad in them waiting to come out, but know they have to be good.

  36. Sexy good guys trying to find happiness again, yep, love them. There is such a mystique with angels, love to see them struggle with human emotions.

  37. I am liking more Angel books (even if they are fallen) just because it is great to see the “good” guy win instead of allowing evil and darkness to over take us no matter what is going on in the world today.

  38. Hi
    My favorite used to be vamps, but after reading “Bond With Me”, the first book in Anne’s series, which I really enjoyed, I might be inclined to like angels better.

  39. Angels is ALWAYS HOT !! xD

    Thank’s for the giveaway, and making in International…

  40. love angel fallen coz he’s sexy, misterious man..

    thanks for the giveaway..^^

  41. I´m a sucker for a good paranormal book, add angels and/or some tortured alpha males who know what (who =)) they want, and i´m there *happy sigh*
    Best wishes, Linda

  42. Yes!!! What can I say!?!? I love angels and fallen angels books, it’s always so mystical!!! And what I like about angels : there’s always demons near! LOL Thanks for this giveaway!


  43. I like story Angel/fallen Angel because they have the whole battle between evil and good. In story there was such a mystique with angel/fallen angel. Thanks for giveaway!!

  44. I have read the 1st book and I’m intrigued to read the second. The good vs evil dynamic is cool because even the fallen aren’t necessarily evil

  45. Well..they’re just so BIG…and sexy…and knowledgeable. Plus the fallen have that whole bad a** thing going on but they also seem to be rather sad…and you know how we women always want to ‘save’ our men…or at the very least make them feel VERY good about themselves. As for the Angels…you just can’t help but want to see if you’re the gal that could be the one that ‘tempts’ him… 😉