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Posted by on May 18, 2012 in 3.5 rating, Book reviews, Review by Athenna | 1 comment

Book Review: Black Dawn by Rachel Caine

Black Dawn
Author: Rachel Caine
Series:  Morganville Vampires, book 12
Publisher: NAL
ISBN-10: 0451236718
ISBN-13: 978-0451236715
Source: From publisher for review
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It was dangerous enough to live in Morganville when all you needed to worry about was all the vampires, but when a new evil comes to town and scares even the most terrifying Vampire you know you’re in trouble. Most of the humans have evacuated Morganville (which in its self tells you the severity of the situation that the vampires let them leave). As always Claire and her friends have forgone the easy way and instead of leaving, they stay to help defend Morganville.

But this threat may be more than a couple humans and a few couple vampires can handle. The draug spread through water and feed on vampires through touch. They compelled them by their siren song into a trap. Making it had for the vampires to hunt and fight them without falling prey to them.

As the draug quickly multiply and now have infected the town founder Amelie hope may be a thing of the past. If Claire and her friends don’t find a way to cure Amelie and save the town, there may no longer have a town to save.

As always Rachel Caine weaves and exciting adventure in Morganville. With lots of action, humor and a little romance you can’t helped but be sucked into these books. You will have a fangtastic time reading this book.

If you have not read this series I think you should add it to your ever growing TBR list. Even though it is YA it lacks the teen angst you find in most YA books. No teen insecurities, no whinny teenage girls (well mostly, Monica may fit the description) and no sparkly vampires. No you get the real gritty side of the vampire world and a few teens just trying to keep each other and those around them alive and safe in a town determined to see them all exterminated.

I feel all the books must be read in order if this book appeals to you , please check out the first book in the series, Glass Houses, so you can read them in order; then you can get the fill effect of the story.
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  1. Nice review Athenna, and yes, the series is on my wishlist 🙂 glad you still like it with 13 books already.