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Posted by on Apr 24, 2012 in Contests, Interviews | 34 comments

Interview and Giveaway from author Juliana Stone

Today we are happy to have author Juliana Stone with us.  She’s stopped by our blog to talk about her new series, League of Guardians, and her most recent release, Wicked Road to Hell.

Make sure you keep reading after the interview because we are giving away winner’s choice of one of Juliana’s books.

What 3 words would you use to describe your new series, League of Guardians?
Exciting. Different. Fast-paced.

We know it’s a spin-off of your Jaguar Warriors series. How are the two different?
Well, the Jaguar Warrior books had a three book story arc, that featured three brothers. There was a definite beginning, middle and end…though of course as I like to do there was also room for a new beginning. There are a lot of similarities, the fact that I use all sorts of otherworld creatures for instance, but these new books are set up in such a way that each one can have a totally different story. Wicked Road to Hell features Declan O’Hara and Ana DeLacrux who are both characters from my Jag books, but it’s their love story with all the conflict and danger that is part of this world. The second book, King of the Damned, features my fallen angel Azaiel (the bad guy from Embrace and Salvation) and Rowan James who’s a witch. They’re all about good vs evil, but each book has an individual love story and not all books are going to be linked the way the jaguar books were.

Can you tell us a little about your new release, Wicked Road to Hell?
Sure, the blurb spells it out beautifully, so here it is:

With the legions of the underworld gathering and chaos close at hand, Sorcerer Declan O’Hara’s deadly skills will be tested. But nothing will sway him from his duty…

Rescued from eternal darkness, vampire Ana DeLacrux owes her life to a mysterious stranger who asks for only one thing—her absolute allegiance. She serves this master without question until Declan, the one man who can make her forget her vow, returns. His magic is stronger, darker…more compelling than ever. His blood awakens a hunger she must resist, or risk deadly consequences.

As Ana and Declan join forces, the streets of New Orleans become a dangerous place for both humans and the otherworld. And the most dangerous place of all is a road Declan’s traveled before…the wicked road to hell.

How have Declan and Ana changed since we first met them in His Darkest Hunger?
These two have always had an interesting relationship. I think it was pretty evident early on that Declan had very strong feelings for her…and that she didn’t return them. Right away I had a lot of readers drawn to Declan but they were cool on Ana and I think it’s because they didn’t like how she treated him! In this book, you’ll get to know Ana and learn her history and how she ticks…she’s become more emotionally available and her passions certainly run deep. I think out of the two, she’s changed the most…and she had to…Declan deserves a woman who will do whatever she can to be with him.

Did the fact that they have history together make their book easier or harder to write?
I think for me it was easier, but cause I knew them already and the story just kind of flowed.

If Wicked Road To Hell came with a soundtrack, what songs would be on it?
Hmmm, good question. It’s dark and fast paced and there is some humor in there as well because Declan is a wise-ass! My sound track? Tool, Five Finger Death Punch, Nickelback and Foo Fighters.

What can fans expect to see next in your League of Guardians series?
The next novella releases on Halloween. I’ve no title yet but it will continue the Logan and Kira’s story that began with Wrong Side of Hell. That novella released in early March and wasn’t so much a prequel as a little taste of what the league books will be about. The next full length, King of the Damned comes out in late November and we move to Salem, Mass. And there’s witches and gargoyles and a demon who’s not nice at all!

If you could go on your perfect date with any character from your books, who would you pick and what would you two do?
I’ve a character introduced in King of the Damned. He’s a Knight Templar and I call him Priest. I’d love to hang with him and go back in time to see his journey. Oh, he also owns a winery so we could hang out there for a bit and drink some wine too!

Your books have a darker edge to them than what you’d typically find in paranormal romance. Do you write them that way because that’s what you enjoy writing or to make them stand out?
I’m an organic writer. I just write what I envision and go for it. It’s always much more fun to write with a lot of conflict and an abundant supply of alpha males! I’ve always been drawn to darker stories so it’s natural that it would come out in my writing!


To learn more about Juliana and her books, visit her website and blog or check her out on Facebook and Twitter.

We are giving away winner’s choice of one book from Juliana’s Jaguar or League of Guardians series (no pre-orders)   This giveaway is open to anywhere Book Depository ships and ends on May 1st.

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