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Posted by on Jun 4, 2011 in Contests, Interviews | 73 comments

Interview and Giveaway with Sophia from Sophia by D.B. Reynolds


Their house is like something out of a fairy tale, all gold and white and sparkling lights. It sits on the waterway, a glittering enticement to all who pass. But none would be so bold as to venture onto its manicured greens. For a Vampire Lord lives here—Lady Sophia, Vampire Lord of the Canadian Territories, with her beloved mate, Colin.

“Oh, please,” I said, walking up behind the woman and trying not to retch. “What the hell is that?”

She turned to stare at me. “Excuse me? Who are you?”

“That’s my question, babe. This is my interview and thank God for that, if you put anymore saccharine on that prose, my readers would be vomiting all over their computers. Where’d you learn to write anyway?”

“I’ll have you know—”

“Oy, give it a rest! You look down your nose any harder and your eyes are gonna’ cross.

She puffed up like a angry cat. “Why, I never!”

“Exactly,” I said. “Which is why I’m Huff and Puff’s star reporter, and you’re some hack trying to steal my score. I’m the one who snagged not just Raphael, but Cyn, and this is definitely my interview. So move that stick up your ass right on back to that fancy car of yours, and— The woman’s eyes got really wide and she looked over my head and sort of gasped.

I turned around slowly. Well, hellooooo, Mr. Hunk of the Month! I hurried up the stairs, hoping against hope that this wasn’t Lady Sophia’s beloved mate Colin (where did she learn that crap language anyway?) If this was him, er he, then he was definitely off-limits and women everywhere had lost a truly world-class piece of gorgeous male. Yum.

“Colin Murphy,” he said in a deep voice, shattering my fantasies. “Lady Sophia’s Security Chief. And you are?” He looked past me to the stuffy chick, probably wondering what the heck was going on.

This definitely didn’t look good. I was embarrassed for my profession. I gave Stuffy a glance over my shoulder that said “you’ll never work in this town again.” Or it would have if I hadn’t stumbled on the stairs since I was looking over my shoulder. Gah, could this get any worse?

“Huff and Puff News Blog, sir,” I said in my most professional voice. “I believe my people (that would be my mom) spoke to you earlier.”

He studied me for a moment—such pretty blue eyes, and with that dark hair … like I said, world- class.

“Right,” he said, dragging me out of my fantasy. “But we only expected one person.”

I felt movement behind me and realized we weren’t alone. (I’ve always wanted to say that!) “A misunderstanding, Mister Murphy,” I said, forcing myself not to turn around. “I suspect my colleague (as if!) got her details confused.” He frowned. If that bitch cost me this interview, I was going to—

“Fine,” he said, nodding at someone over my shoulder. “Escort that one off the premises.”

Stuffy squawked behind me and I turned around. We were surrounded by vampires! I almost felt sorry for her. (Snort. Not really. Not even close! It’s a dog-eat-dog-world in this business, baby!)

“Come in,” Colin said and stepped back from the door.

I climbed the rest of the stairs. There were a lot of them. I had to admit Stuffy was right about the house. It was pretty spectacular. A tri-level on some river or something (Hey! There’s a lot of water around Vancouver! I can’t tell them all apart!) Anyway, it was nice. New digs, though. I made a note to ask about that.

My friend Colin (smirk) led me into the house and I have to say it was gorgeous. Huge windows everywhere, wide open ceilings. Sophia was one lucky woman, living in this awesome house with the awesome Colin. It just didn’t get any better. I sighed . . . a little too loudly, I guess, because Colin gave me a weird look.

“You can wait in here,” he said pointing me into a room that was all leather couches and plush rugs and more windows looking out over whatever that water was. “Have a seat.”

He said that last part a little too firmly, like maybe he thought I’d wander around, which I wouldn’t have! Probably. Anyway, I sat. And after just a couple of minutes my fantasy lover returned with … oh, boo … Lady Sophia. So much for my fantasies. If Colin went to sleep with her every morning, what did he need me for? Damn. I stood as she walked into the room. After all, she’s the equivalent of vampire royalty. But mostly, she’s just so beautiful and there’s something about her that makes you pay attention. Power? Charisma? (Look at me, I’m like a real reporter! How cool is that?)

Sophia gave me a smile like she knew what I was thinking. (And how embarrassing would THAT be? Gah!) She sat on the couch opposite mine and gave me this sort of elegant wave which I think meant I should sit down, too. At least I hope that’s what it meant, because I sat. Colin said something to someone I couldn’t see, then closed the door and came over to stand next to the couch.

“Colin, meu querido,” she said, “Sit with me.” Colin gave me a suspicious look, but must have decided I was okay, ‘cuz he came around the couch and sat next to her. She snuggled up all close to him (jealous!!) and rested her hand on his thigh. (totally jealous!!)

“So, you’re from . . . Huff and Puff?” she asked, kind of struggling over the blog name, probably because English isn’t her first language. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what it was.

“Yes, ma’am,” I said.

“You have questions, yes?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Colin looked at me like . . . So, get to it!

Right. I’m supposed to ask questions. Darn. I pulled out my trusty list.

“Lady Sophia,” I started. “Did you ever imagine you’d become a Vampire Lord?”

She laughed. Even her laugh is sexy. My laugh sounds like a sick chicken.

“Not at all,” she said. (I think she meant the question, not my laugh.) “I thought eventually I’d come back to Vancouver and perhaps serve my Sire in some capacity, but I never considered ruling.”

“What about the vampires in your territory?” I asked. “How are they reacting to you?”

I swear Colin actually growled. I kind of jumped at the sound (hey, you would, too!) and stared at him. But Sophia only patted his leg and said, “Colin is very protective.”

“Damn right,” he muttered, and she leaned in closer to him. (I think she was just showing off at this point, like look what I can do, because he’s mine. So not cool!)

“As with any new lord,” she was saying, “there are some who accept it and some who don’t. This isn’t unusual. So far, no one has challenged me openly, although I have had to … how do you say it, Colin? Slap a few of them down.” She grinned and there was something very vicious in that grin, like maybe she really enjoyed the slapping down part.

“Do you ever wish this responsibility hadn’t been passed to you?” I asked curiously.

Sophia glanced at Colin, then kind of studied me for a minute, like she was trying to decide whether to answer the question or not. Or maybe whether to tell the truth. It was that kind of look.

Finally, she said, “I am Vampire. Power is the blood in our veins, the air in our lungs. We live and breathe it. I have responsibility, yes, but I also have great power. I embrace that. I never sought it, but now that it is mine. It is mine, and I will fight to defend it.”

Okaaaay. Fierce much? Sheesh, it’s not like I had any plans to challenge her for it. I checked my list, looking for something less . . . violence inspiring.

“What’s something someone might be surprised to know about you?” I know. Total Cosmo question, right? Colin was giving me this “you’ve gotta be kidding me” look, but Sophia suddenly started laughing. I smiled, hoping she wasn’t laughing because she was imagining the fun she’d have slapping me down and maybe breaking every bone in my body.

“I’m not going to tell you,” she said, still chuckling. “I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.”

Good answer! And no slapping down. Cool. How about this one … “You lived in South America for a while, right?” I asked. She nodded. “How are things different down there compared to here? I mean, like the vampire lords? Are they any different?”

“Well,” she said thinking, “there’s more of them and they have much smaller territories. And they’re not nearly as well organized. Some of them barely pay any attention at all, while others are like petty tyrants. You never know what you’ll encounter until you cross one of them.”

I leaned forward. I really wanted to ask this next question. I was kind of afraid, but I’m a reporter. I’m willing to take risks to get the big story, er, within reason. I figured I’d lead into it slowly.

“You, um, you worked with Lord Raphael recently, didn’t you?”

“Yes, of course.” That’s what she said, but I could tell by Colin’s smirk that what she meant was Duh!

“Um,” I swallowed hard, because this really could end badly. Vampires are temperamental creatures. You never know what might set them off. I’m kind of an expert on them, because I’ve interviewed Lord Raphael himself and lived to tell the tale! Not even that stuffy, stick-up-her-butt chick could say that. Come to think of it, I wondered if Stuffy would have asked this question? I bet she wouldn’t! I sucked in a breath and went for it.

“Do you resent Lord Raphael for what he did to Lucien?”

Sophia looked sad for a minute and I felt like a total asshat. And then Colin glared at me and I realized it wasn’t Sophia I had to worry about, or not only Sophia. He could probably break my bones just as efficiently and my body would never be found. What would my mom think? I got tears in my eyes thinking about it. Colin noticed and rolled his eyes in disgust. (There goes my rep. I hope Stuffy doesn’t hear about this.)

“Lord Raphael,” Sophia said slowly, “did what he had to do. For all that I loved Lucien, he knowingly crossed a line that could not be uncrossed. I would have done the same thing in Raphael’s shoes.”

Colin was still staring daggers at me, so I figured maybe I should distract him with something. “Colin,” I said all businesslike. “What’s it like being in a relationship with a vampire?”

He not only rolled his eyes this time, his whole head rolled to the side. I’m pretty sure he won’t be starring in my fantasies anytime soon. I mean, he’s a hunk and all, but I don’t think he takes me seriously, you know? Doesn’t respect my profession!

Sophia patted his thigh. Did I mention he was wearing really snug denims? Wait, I’m over him. Right. Forget the denims.

“I’m not in a relationship with a vampire,” he said slowly and deliberately. “I’m in love with Sophia, a beautiful and brilliant woman who just happens to be a very powerful vampire.”

Sophia beamed at him and he beamed right back at her. True love. Sickening. I had to move on before my teeth started to ache. (Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m just jealous. What else is new?)

“Just a couple more questions,” I said loudly, trying to get their attention. Hell, I figured they wouldn’t hang around much longer anyway, the way they were looking at each other. Did I want to see that? Well, yeah, sure, but I figured they wouldn’t let me watch. Oops. TMI! Moving on!

“Do you ever wish you could go back to the way things were before all this happened?” I didn’t direct the question to either of them, but they both answered, “No!” at the same time, and then laughed. (Ugh.)

“Everything that happened brought Colin back to me,” Sophia said, not even looking at me. “I wouldn’t change that for the world.”

There’s a shocker. Note to self, never interview couples on their honeymoon. It’s too gross. And kind of depressing. Might as well get the last question out of the way, although it seems sort of redundant.

“I know you’re mates within Vampire society, but are there any plans to become husband and wife?”

Sophia dragged her gaze away from Colin (who, okay, is definitely gaze worthy even if he doesn’t appreciate my intellect.) She smiled at me and looked kind of confused.

“What would be the point?” she asked.

Good answer, ‘cuz looking at the two of them, they were already hooked at the navel or something. I closed up my notepad. I had to get out of there. Too much love in the air. A single, no-dates, my vibrator-is-my-best-friend girl couldn’t take it. Wait. Did I leave that last part in?



As always, we want to thank the lovely D.B. for stopping by our blog with yet another wonderful guest post. For more information about D.B. and her books, visit her website.

D.B. is giving away one book from her Vampires In America series. It will be winner’s choice. This giveaway is open to international followers. Here’s how to enter:

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