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Posted by on Aug 31, 2010 in Contests, Interviews | 25 comments

Interview and Giveaway with author Anne Marsh

Today we want to welcome author Anne Marsh to Paranormal Haven. For those who are not familiar with Anne, she is the author of the shifter book, The Hunt and you can read about fallen angels in her most recent release, Bond With Me. Want to know more about our featured author? Then lets jump into the interview and make sure to keep reading because after the interview, there is a giveaway!


Paranormal Haven: Did you always want to be a writer?
Anne Marsh: Yep. Pretty much. It seems to be hard-coded into my family’s DNA. One sister writes for university presses. The other is tucked away in a cabin in Alaska, writing regional and travel fiction. Now my daughter’s plugging away on her Netbook, writing a YA book.

PH: What is the most difficult part about being a writer?
AM: Discipline. It’s way more fun to get up at 4:00 a.m. when I’m headed to the airport to fly somewhere tropical. Heading to my laptop and pecking out three thousand words—not as much fun. You just have to sit down. And write. (And then re-write, but someone forgot to share that part with me until it was too late).

PH: Why write Paranormal Romance books?
AM: I spent ten-plus years in graduate school and then moved on to technical writing. Both of those fields require absolute accuracy. Graduate school also required footnotes. In triplicate. When I’d originally fantasized about writing romance novels, I’d assumed I’d write sexy Russian historical fiction (to justify those ten-plus years in graduate school), but I never got beyond the first paragraph of that book. My sexy Russian prince propped his feet up on his desk, admired his leather-covered study walls (Ooh! Accurate historical detail!) and banged back a shot of vodka and… that was it. He’s still sitting there with his feet on the desk, waiting for a heroine to show up. Paranormal, on the other hand, just flowed for me. Making it all up was almost better than a vacation. I could just let my imagination run wild. So I did.

PH: Can you tell us about your newest release, Bond With Me?
AM: Bond with Me has a very sexy fallen angel for a hero—Brends has to find his soul mate if he ever wants to regain his lost wings and redemption.

PH: Why write about fallen angels?
AM: I had no idea that fallen angels were the new vampire when I started writing BOND. Honestly, I tend to get my ideas from Slavic mythology and medieval Russian religious literature (there are some scary, scary creatures lurking in there). In Slavic mythology, an angel rebellion in Heaven ended with the rebellious angels being cast out of Heaven. Those angels fell and some ended up in our world—and some kept right on falling through the earth’s crust (and I still haven’t been able to shake the rather graphic descriptions of those medieval authors from my head). Worse, the fallen angels were condemned to live as goblins. I loved the idea of a bad boy who has redeeming qualities—but needs a heroine to pull those qualities out of him… so I let my fallen angels fall, but I gave them a chance at redemption. If a fallen angel can find the one woman who is his soul mate and he loves her, he gets his wings back and redemption.

To introduce a new wrinkle, I gave my fallen angels a pretty seductive ability: they can grant humans one wish in exchange for the humans’ souls. The bigger the wish, the longer the angel gets to keep that soul. After three thousand years on earth, my fallen angels have given up on finding soul mates—they haven’t found one—but they’re really into the whole bond thing. Brends, BOND’s hero, meets Mischka when she comes looking for a missing cousin. He offers to help find the cousin—in exchange for Mischka’s bond. It’s not too long, however, before he realizes that he doesn’t want Mischka on a temporary basis—he wants her forever.

PH: Do you have a favorite character?
AM: Honestly? Whichever secondary character snuck in there when I wasn’t looking. Have you seen UP, where all the dogs go completely spastic when they (think they) spot a squirrel? Barking: squirrel, squirrel, squirrel? I’m like that with new characters. I fell in love with Dathan in BOND WITH ME, which was convenient as he was originally a one paragraph wonder. My editor suggested that I gave him a story of his own inside BOND—and that I make it a very, very spicy one. I thought that was a fabulous idea. Dathan shares some very hot sex scenes with a special woman of his own. I also fell head over heels for Zer, the leader of the Fallen. He stayed pretty strong and silent in BOND WITH ME, but, fortunately, I seem to have convinced my editor to fall for him as well, because he’s getting his own book.

PH: Will this book be the start of a series?
AM: Yes! I just signed a two-book deal with Kensington Brava. The next BOND book doesn’t have a release date yet, but I’ll be turning the book in to my editor in Fall 2010.

PH: If you could collaborate with any author on a project, who would it be?
AM: Angela Knight. I’m a total fan girl. Her Mageverse series is out of this world, plus she has one of the most amazing sets of craft skills I’ve ever encountered. Her book on writing, PASSIONATE INK, is an outstanding guide to writing both hot and less-hot romance. Her scene structure is a work of art.

PH: If you could spend the day with any character from a romance novel (doesn’t need to be paranormal) who would you pick?
AM: Hmmm. Captain Jack Sparrow doesn’t count in this scenario as he’s film (although I’m still hoping to be marooned on a Caribbean island with him some day), so I’d go with Ilona Andrews’ Cullen. There’s a hero who manages to be strong, sexy, and sweetly romantic at the same time. Next choice would be one of the Breeds from Lora Leigh’s series. Any of them. Apparently, I have a serious thing for alpha shape shifters (which might explain my first book, THE HUNT).

PH: What is in your TBR pile?
AM: My TBR pile is kind of an embarrassment, not least because I’m a print-only kind of gal, so I can’t even discreetly hide my habits inside a Kindle. I’m best friends now with the UPS driver, who may be under the impression that I’m single-handedly keeping Amazon in business. This week, he’s bringing me Jeanine Frost, Loretta Chase and Eloisa James. There are also sixty books from the library stacked up in a corner waiting for me to get to them—they range from computer books (because they always have the most delicious graphic designers) to YA books (Maggie Stiefvater!) to romance (Meljean Brooks and Kate Angell). There’s also an enormous pile of Silhouette Nocturnes and Blaze books from Harlequin because who knew Harlequin’s online store had such fabulous coupons? I’ve been in houses that have no books and I don’t know how those people do it. Even when I leave the house, there’s generally between one and three books tucked in my bag.

PH: Do you have a favorite Paranormal Romance or Urban Fantasy series/book you would like to recommend?
AM: Kresley Cole’s IAD series. Ilona Andrew’s Kate Daniels series. Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series. Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels series… I should probably stop there, shouldn’t I? Honestly, one of the fabulous things I’ve discovered—after specializing in dead nineteenth century authors in grad school—is that there are so many talented authors out there. And bonus points: they’re not dead. They keep on writing. Every month I find someone new with whom I can fall in love, all of which conspires to keep UPS and Amazon in business and me voting for any and all library bond measures.

PH: What else do you have planned for the rest of 2010?
AM: I just signed with Kensington Brava for the next books in both the BOND WITH ME series and my HUNTER’S MATE series. Writing those will certainly keep me out of mischief!


We want to thank Anne for letting us ask some questions and for offering one lucky winner a book of their choosing. So what is up for grabs? Here is a little more about her books and where you can find her around the web.

Fallen angels… They rule Moscow’s seedy underworld, promising untold pleasure to the females who dare to mate them. That promise – and Brends Duranov’s own raw sexual power – has hopefuls mobbing the velvet rope outside his elite club G2’s.

But Mischka Baran has no intention of hooking up with one of the Fallen. Not even after Brends gives her an unforgettable taste of the sin and seduction he can deliver with those wicked lips. She’s after information, not a stint as some Goblin’s toy of the month. What she doesn’t know is that with a sadistic killer carving up his brethren, Brends is playing for keeps, hunting the one woman whose bloodline can end the mayhem, whose bond can restore his lost wings.

For more information about Bond With Me, visit Anne Marsh’s website

You can also check out Stephanie’s review of Bond With Me here

No matter how they try to flee, the virgins who enter the twisting tunnels of the Guardians are destined to be caught. Actually, most don’t try too hard. The stories of warriors who can take on Cat form, of lovers who can make a woman scream with pleasure, are just too enticing.

But Miu is no virgin, and she’s joined the Hunt with her own agenda. After she steals the moonstone necklace she’s been sent for, she has no intention of becoming some Cat’s tasty morsel. Too late she discovers these kitties have some deliciously kinky habits, and the dark hunter on her trail isn’t about to let impudent thievery go without punishment of the most exquisite kind.

For more information about The Hunt, visit Anne Marsh’s website

Where you can find Anne:

The person we pick as our winner will get to pick between a digital copy of Bond With Me OR a print copy of The Hunt. To be entered here is what you need to do. Giveaway is open internationally.

1. Fill out this form
2. Answer this question in a comment below: Anne talked to us about her Fallen Angels. If you were to write a book, what would your Fallen Angels look like? How would they act? Would they have any special abilities? Why did they fall in the first place? Could they be redeemed? (Ok, you don’t need to answer every question if you don’t want to. Just give us a general idea of your Fallen)

Winner will be announced and emailed on September 8th. They will have 3 days to respond to our email or another winner will be chosen. Good luck everyone and remember, Bond With Me ebook is available now!

About Stephanie G

Stephanie is a Paranormal Haven co-creator & reviewer. She loves coffee, Supernatural & most importantly, paranormal romance & urban fantasy books. Connect with her on: Facebook - Twitter - Goodreads


  1. My Fallen Angel’s would probably have fallen out of love. They are strong willed and loyal, but love cannot be helped. They would all look different but have a similar essence.


  2. My fallen angel would look a bit rugged but still very handsome and angelic. They would have a ton if abilities like flying, but with black wings to indicate fallen status and they fell because they broke the rule about falling in love with one of the people they were guardians to.


  3. I’ve the perfect picture for my fallen angel: James Masters and he did it out of arrogane…that’s all I know so far *g*

  4. They would fall because they dont believe in the over all mission of angels anymore. They see less black and white and more gray. While living in the human world they would be cut off from their powers but they would retain all their knowledge. Then they would meet someone and that person would help them to find faith again, all while falling in love!!


  5. My fallen angels would be handsome and a bit on the rebellious side and that is what would’ve caused them to fall. They would be able to relate with various types of people and they would be able to find their way again, but I don’t really know how.

  6. I would want my Fallen to be able to redeem themselves by certain good acts. But they would definitely have the rebel attitude with the general rockstar style.


  7. My Fallen Angel would love like angel from Buffy still love that actor in Bones

  8. My fallen angel is a big, strong guy with good scruff. He fell because of an injustice and is redeemed because of love.

  9. My fallen angels would be beautiful, almost painfully. They would have a haunted personality and appear standoffish. They would have the ability to read minds and charm others to do their will. They could not be redeemed but perhaps made mortal again.

  10. If you were to write a book, what would your Fallen Angels look like? How would they act? Would they have any special abilities? Why did they fall in the first place? Could they be redeemed? My fallen angel would be beautiful and very handsome. My angel would be very caring and thoughtful. He would care alot about humans and what happens to them. He would try to protect them as much as possible. He would have the ability to read minds and control a person. He would be overly protective of the one he loves. He fell because he fell in love with a human woman so he could not be redeemed but would always remain mortal. Please enter me in contest.

  11. My an gel would have fallen in love because he was tired of fighting, he would be tall, lean, hunky, with 300 style abs. He would be sensitive and freaking awesome in the sack 😉
    His ability: hmmm a magic sack to stash his stuff in that is like invisible so that he would not have to have a bag or backpack to mess with the view of his hot body.

  12. My fallen angel would be a mix of my favourite hero’s. The tortured soul/bad boy. Think Zsadist!
    I’m very much looking forward to reading Bond With Me!

  13. My fallen angels would characteristically be bad boys and girls. They will bear the human attributes that made them fall, usually one of the seven sins. But, as angels they are give a sense of security. A false one, of course 🙂

  14. My angels would be beautiful. Strong, appear quite arrogant, but have hidden depths you didn’t know about. Sinfully wicked, make your toes curl.Of course their ‘soul mate’ helps them redeem themselves.

  15. If I were to write a book about fallen angels, they would look pretty much like everyone else, but more handsome. Of course they would be able to fly and have some ability that would allow them to help people. They would have fallen because of some injustice and might be redeemed by some selfless act or maybe love. Or both. 🙂

  16. My fallen angel would be gorgeous of course and be dark and tortured looking to redeem himself.

  17. 6’2″ bronzed complexioned, long legs, broad shoulder, long finger, cut and heavy muscled…everywhere. shoulder length stright, black silky hair, with copper highlights. Sherry colored eyes with golden flecks, black wing with a red sheen. Quite, intense, focused…broody, after all he is a fallen angel and falls hard for the woman he loves which brings redemption.

  18. The story line is compelling. Who wouldn’t want to know more about a fallen angel’s temptations?! I love the setting of Moscow. The Hunt was very sexy. I look forward to reading more.

  19. Handsome and arrogant with lots of abilities invisibility,strength,maybe some healing powers ,they have fallen for love maybe rejected by the one they fell for no longer beleiving that they will find love for themselves or fallen because of some mistake on their part, redeemable of course .
    wanda f

  20. Well they have to be near perfect in looks and body type because angels are always described as beautiful or terrible but stunning. So they would be larger than life. I think they might be a bit arrogant and “My Wings Don’t Stink” attitude, but the fall might have mellowed them a bit.

    To fall would probably have something to do with humans. Whether falling in love/lust with a human or staying too long amongst us.

  21. My fallen angels would all be gorgeous with dark flowing hair and beautiful, penetrating eyes. Just waiting to be redeemed by love, though it wouldn’t come easily to them, they would have to work at becoming a man worthy of love.
    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  22. I did the form a few hours ago, but the computer crashed and I hadn’t got to filling this out. So, lets get started ;

    What would your Fallen Angels look like?
    They would look absolutely stunning. When you look at them, you can feel the love, faith and compassion for God. I see them with beautiful sleek hair, whether it be blonde, black, red etc. And their eyes would shimmer, and be a liquid, flowing color.

    How would they act?
    Depending on the Angel, they’d either be; 1) Full of love and happiness. 2) A little arrogant, but they have a soft spot. 3) They’d hate it, they were only Angels because they did something heroic before they died.

    Would they have any special abilities? They’d be able to make suggestions into a persons mind. Like tell them to do certain things, except it was up to the person to do what they said. They could come to earth and take the form of a human to go unnoticed and be Gods ‘ears and eyes’. They could also turn invisible. Probably more abilities, but I cant think of anymore right now.

    Why did they fall in the first place?
    They would lose their faith in God. Disagree with what he sends to earth like Tsunami’s, Hurricanes, Killing the innocent, etc. Or they would commit all 7 Sins.

    Could they be redeemed?
    Of corse they could! They’d be redeemed with the love of a human and restore their faith in God. If they do fall in love with another human, they get a choice between going back to heaven or staying. If they don’t, they live as a human forever. Unless they kill their human form via suicide, they go to hell. They have to genuinely love a human though and prove their love. As well as the person genuinely loving them.

    Well, that’s all I can think of. Also, is this an international contest?


  23. If I were to write about fallen angels I think they would be dark, black hair and sinister looking. Once you’ve taken that road you can’t go back, so there wouldn’t be any redemption for them. They’ll have to make the best of it. Their demeanor and mood would be dark as well.

  24. Hi very horror post sharing i think all is very false but if true i not believe this blog video ….