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Posted by on Mar 16, 2010 in 4 rating, Book reviews, Contests, Review by Stephanie | 22 comments

Book Review and Giveaway: Cara Mia

Cara Mia by Denise Verrico
Immortyl Revolution, Book 1
L & L Dreamspell
ISBN-10: 160318158X
ISBN-13: 978-1603181587
Purchase Information:
Barnes & Noble
Denise’s Bookstore (signed copy)

Blurb, purchase information and to read an excerpt from Cara Mia, visit Denise Verrico’s website at

Vampires Mia and Kurt become involved in a deadly mission to harness the power of immortality.

Mia Disantini is a vampire whose greatest desire is to walk in the sun again. She is enslaved by her charismatic master, Ethan, and plunged into an ancient, unenlightened Immortyl culture.

As Mia struggles for the freedom to live as she chooses, she is trained as Ethan-s Bird of Prey. Soon she becomes the pawn of their powerful, enigmatic elder, Brovik, in his deadly games of deception and intrigue against his rival, Gaius, concerning their forbidden science experiments.

When Mia is cast out by Ethan she joins forces with Kurt, and together the lovers steal fire from the gods and deliver it to Genpath Laboratories. The company CEO Lee Brooks deceives and imprisons the pair. While held captive, Mia calls upon the aid of Dr. Joe Ansari.

The couple is hunted for their crime and time is running out. Will Mia and Kurt escape with their lives and succeed in their mission before their Immortyl enemies harness the power of immortality for evil purposes?


When we first meet Mia Disantini she is a young actress in New York. She is turned into a vampire by very handsome and charismatic Alpha vampire named Ethan. The relationship at first is sweet and Ethan is Mia’s entire world. After a few years she soon realizes he isn’t what he seems. Ethan doesn’t teach Mia much about her new world and keeps her hidden away from others. Mia soon sees the cruel side of Ethan and learns of the his and his maker, Brovik, ambitions to use science to profit from their immortality. Mia finds refuge from her existence in Kurt. Kurt was also turned by Brovik but is nothing like Ethan. He is a skilled pianist and looks like an angel. He is one of the few that don’t want to use Mia for sex and just wants to love her. They both want to be free of their masters, walk into the sun together and be rid of their blood addictions. They can trust no one and live in constant fear. When they get their hands on very important discs, they go to Leisha. They don’t trust her but they are out of options and are at the point of no turning back.

Mia is a very strong and intelligent character. Ethan physically and mentally abuses her and uses her as a sex object to gain power. She has also been physically assaulted by other vampires but she still fights on. Even when she wants to just give up she still goes on and she will do whatever she needs to do to survive. Kurt is another favorite of mine. To say he as faced his own challenges is a serious understatement. His family was sent to a Nazi death camp and he was taken in my a pedophile until Brovik turned him. Life didn’t get much better for him. He was still used as Brovik’s tool and looked down upon by other vampires. Yet he refuses to let them destroy him and will do anything for Mia. Together they are at their best. Philip was another great character. He added humor to the story and really got Mia thinking about Ethan. Another one of Brovik’s, Philip was fun, loud and treated Mia with the respect she deserved. I would have enjoyed reading more about him. Dr. Joe Ansari really stood out. He was the doctor that was the only one Mia and Kurt would talk to once Leisha tricked and trapped into her lab. At first he thought of them as monsters but as he listens to Mia’s retailing of her life he sees beyond the fact she is a vampire. She has been mistreated and by the end will do whatever is necessary to help her and Kurt.

Overall I really enjoyed the book. At first it was slow and took some time getting into. Science plays a part in the book and isn’t the most exciting thing to read about. But once Mia got to the part in her story where the veil finally dropped on Ethan, the story picked up fast. The characters are well written and the story is different from what I usually read which was a nice break from the norm. Cara Mia is the first book in the Immortyl Revolution series. Book two isn’t out yet and is called Twilight of the Gods. I will continue on in the series because I’m really interested into what happens with Kurt and Mia now and what roll Joe will have if any.
My Rating:


Author Denise Verrico is giving away a copy of her book, Cara Mia. Over this past weekend Denise stopped in to talk with us about her Immortyl Revolution series. For more information about Cara Mia and the Immortyl Revolution series you can check out the interview HERE. In order to be entered into the giveaway here is what you need to do:

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Winner will be announced on March 24th. Winner will have 3 days to contact us or another will be chosen. We do not require you leave your email address in your comment but if you are the winner it will be easier and faster for us to contact you. Good luck!

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