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Book Review: Flight From Hell by Yasmine Galenorn

Posted by on Aug 21, 2014 in 5 rating, Book reviews, Review by Eva | 0 comments

21464378 Flight from Hell
Author: Yasmine Galenorn
Series: Otherworld, book 15.5 (Novella)
Publisher: InterMix
Sold by: Penguin Group (USA) LLC
Source: From publisher via NetGalley
Buy it here: Amazon
Yasmine Galenorn’s website
A new cast of heroes join the D’Artigo sisters on the hunt for Carter’s missing girlfriend in this thrilling Otherworld story. When Carter asks for help locating Shimmer, they set off for the Fly By Night Magical Investigations and discover a rogue vampire with a diabolical plot of revenge and mayhem.
This fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers shivering in anticipation with thrills and chills as Menolly takes the lead in finding Shimmer. The author brings the story to life with well written scenes and details that capture the imagination and the well orchestrated suspense and drama draws the reader deeper into the plot. Not only is the beloved D’Artigo sisters and some of their friends in this story, but readers are introduced to more strong and bewitching characters that they will definitely want to get to know better.
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Book Review: Beyond Addiction by Kit Rocha

Posted by on Aug 20, 2014 in 4 rating, Book reviews, Review by Ronnie | 2 comments

Beyond Addiction cover Beyond Addiction
Author: Kit Rocha
Series: Beyond, book 5
Publisher: Kit Rocha
Source: From author for review
Buy it here: Amazon
Kit Rocha’s website
If there’s an erotic romance author whom I can’t get enough of, it would have to be Kit Rocha. She combines great sensuality with intricate worldbuilding, fascinating characters, and wonderful relationships. Beyond Addiction is the story of Trix, and a man inside Sector Five named Finn.
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Book Review: Darkness Falls by Erin Kellison

Posted by on Aug 19, 2014 in 4 rating, Book reviews, Review by Eva | 0 comments

Darkness FallsDarkness Falls
Author: Erin Kellison
Series: Reveler, book 1
Publisher: Fire Flower Publishing, LLC
Source: From on Amazon
Buy it here: Amazon (it’s free as of 8/19/2014)
Erin Kellison’s website
This paranormal romance is a mesmerizing journey into the fascinating world of dreams, fantasies, desires and different realities. Agent Malcolm Rook is recruiting dream masters for Chimera and Jordan Lane is undeniably gifted but wary, but soon the dreamwaters proves too exhilarating and their passions ignite, but delving too deep stirs up a nightmare they must defeat or be lost forever in darkness.
This fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on their toes with suspense, fantasy, drama and romance. The author brings the world to life with well written scenes and details that create a complex and fascinating world that captures the imagination. The characters are strong, compelling, easily understood and grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning and endless possibilities arouse curiosity and fantasies drawing the reader deeper into the world and ensuring they want to know more.
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Book Review: We Are All Completely Fine By Daryl Gregory

Posted by on Aug 18, 2014 in 4 rating, Book reviews, Review by Beth | 0 comments

20344877We Are All Completely Fine
Author: Daryl Gregory
Publisher: Tachyon Publications
ISBN-10: 1616961716
ISBN-13: 978-1616961718
Source: From NetGalley
Buy it here: Amazon | Book Depository
Daryl Gregory’s website
Dr. Jan Sayer put together a support group for victims of trauma. What connects these people together isn’t just the trauma that they endured, but also each believes there is a supernatural cause behind it. From bone carving monsters, spider woman, and creatures that creep just on the other side of our reality, each member has their own story. The mystery moves from the characters backgrounds to monsters that are still lurking.
We Are All Completely Fine is a kind of horror-UF novella. Easy to read and filled with a mystery behind each character. Each revelation leads up to a bigger mystery around Greta, the one very quiet character.
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